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Name: AnjaCattery:
I realy wish I could buy my first siberian cat in few years (2-4), when I would save enough money to buy it. Thats my dream.
So, thats the reason I wrote you a longer mail, intruduced myself, intruduce my love to animals and responebility that I know that animals bring to your life ( even if Im 17 years old) I realy hope that I would get your answer soon.
Your cattery is just fantastic. I hope I wrote long enough mail with all that you want to know from new owner. I worked hard, I hope its good enough that you would answer it.
Greetings from Slovenia
Aug 23, 2013 18:59:09
Name: Zena DoaneCattery:none yet
I am just purchasing my first Siberian female kitten and hope to start breeding next year. I have a beautiful blue cream tortie tabbypoint neva kitten, now 9 weeks old and coming home with me when she is 13 weeks.
I am looking to extend my friends amongst other siberian owners for knowledge of this beautiful breed which i hope to help promote in the UK and to make new contacts with a view to importing new russian lines next year.
You can contact me on jujitsugirl2000@yah or catch me on facebook under Zena Doane. If you look on my profile there you can see pictures of the kitten I am currently purchasing. I want to extend my lines to include russian imports as these are closest to the true lines and will improve the british stock.
Jun 16, 2010 22:40:17
Name: JudithCattery:Mystic Melody
Location:Georgia, USA
Message:Hi Tamara,
Nikola is settling in and doing very well! We get a lot of compliments on him and everyone in my family just loves him. He is very well socialized with people and could spend his days just sitting on your lap and being pet. Thank you again for all you have done:)
Mar 07, 2008 18:44:02
Name: Judith JohnsonCattery:Mystic Melody
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Message:Hi Tamara,
We are SO excited to get Nikola! Your cats are absolutely beautiful and I am sure Nikola is going to be the beginning of a wonderful line at our cattery. Thank you so much for all your help, you are wonderful!
Jan 20, 2008 10:04:16
Name: Robyn MajorCattery:
Location:United States
Message:I love your Siberians, but I am not a breeder. I will be receiving my first Siberian from a breeder here, in the US and was interested in getting a companion for him. If you do import to the US, what is the process and the cost. I think TAURUS OLIVA is just beautiful and I am interested if she is available.
Thank you for your consideration of my request
Dec 05, 2007 01:30:20
Name: Mariya SkvortsovaCattery:
Location:New Jersey, USA
I am seeking a black golden tabby boy. Your cats are magnificent! The strong color, expression, and standard. If you will have a boy that is similar in color to Lapushka, Goloubushka, or Goroshinka, that would be close to what we would like. I found out from Judy Chapetta by e-mail that Taurus Alyosha Popovich is deceased. Is that true? I am trully sorry, and would like to convey my condolences. He was a beauty.
Good luck to you in your showing success and to your cattery.
Aug 24, 2006 17:18:57
Name: Thomas LundbergCattery:Lundberg Siberians
Location:Oregon, USA
Message:Hi Tamra
I love your website design & the cats are fantastic!
Aug 24, 2006 17:12:30
Name: Rene SauserCattery:Homepage
Location:Gardena, CA
Message:Hi Tamara,
Thank you for the beautiful web site and sharing your lovely Siberians! I e-mailed you earlier this afternoon regarding my interest in obtaining another Siberian. I lost my beloved 14 year old Vanya (Starpoint\'s Vanya Kaliostrovich) last weekend and am heartbroken. This breed is the most wonderful breed. He was such a joy, always happy and bold and a touch mischievous but dedicated to me. I was so lucky he chose me as his companion and I miss him terribly. I enjoyed viewing all the wonderful pictures of yours. Thank you. My full e-mail address got cut off in the box above. It is
benchmarkeeshonden@ I hope to hear from you soon.
Do svidaniya
Apr 15, 2006 03:32:23
Name: Nikki Wharton-EbyCattery:
Location:Grand Rapids,Ohio, U.S
Message:I am a small breeder of lynx colourpoint Siberian cats and an artist who specializes in pet portraits. I am seeking a show/breeder male for a sire, either a lynx colourpoint or light silver like your Raslan, with strong bone structure, muscular and full coat. If you have a kitten like this or know another breeder who does, please send me email message. Your web site is wonderful and your cats are very beautiful! Thank you! Nikki
Apr 08, 2006 05:45:03
Name: CatCattery:Homepage
Message:! ! -!!! forum/ !
Feb 05, 2006 15:01:36
Name: Kristin ENgenes KnudsenCattery:av Holskogen
Message:Best of luck for the mother to bee, and you expected kittens! Maby they have already arrived?
Merry Christmas!
Dec 06, 2005 14:07:39
Name: Leisa ApperleyCattery:
Location:Christchurch, New Zealand
Message:Hello Tamara
What a beautiful website you have
I look forward in the near future to introducing Siberians to my home country.
Would you be interested in one of your babies coming to Nz one day soon??
Kind regards
Oct 23, 2005 22:15:05
Name: Cathrine & Dag KristiansenCattery:Cirkumpolare
Message:Hello our dear Siberian friend!
Just looking in to your beautyful website and wonderful cats. On our way out we take your banner with us. Thank you for linking us and the Siberian forum. Good luck with breeding and plans!
Best regards from Cathrine & Dag in a cold and winter Norway.
Oct 19, 2005 11:19:04
Name: Darina MervovaCattery:Darrem Casus
Location:Czech Republic
Message:Very nice web site and beautiful cats!!!
Many greetings and good luck in the future!
Oct 05, 2005 18:16:27
Name: Ria van LeeuwenCattery:v.d. Norsymain
Location:the Netherlands
Message:Hello Tamara
I love your site and specially your cats
sinds 6 months I have een kitten too and I love him !!!
Its a lovely site and pictures
greetings from Holland
Sep 18, 2005 14:25:59
Name: Pat CotterCattery:Shadowheart
Location:Minnesota, USA
Message:Tamara, Email still not working. Any new kittens yet? Did I get on your waiting list? Please include me for show/breeding quality female or male.
Pat, I sent you and e-mail, please let me know if you got it.
Aug 17, 2005 03:27:25
Name: Judith ZANNINICattery:Edel's Gardens
Location:NICE - FRANCE
Message:your cats is verry verry fantastic.
I lile end love the look
Aug 14, 2005 22:14:06
Name: Kristin Engenes KnudsenCattery:
I really love your cats! When are you expecting kittens again? I am looking for a female for breeding.
Best regards form Kristin Engenes Knudsen
Jul 29, 2005 05:02:27
Name: LenaCattery:Homepage
Location:Russia, Irkutsk
Message:! ! , ! ( -)
Jul 16, 2005 03:55:58
Name: PatCattery:
Message:Tamara - you have beautiful cats!! I am looking for a show/breeding quality golden spotted male or maybe female. I tried emailing but it came back twice, not sure if I ever got an email to you...
Jul 12, 2005 13:36:09
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