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Name: lena petterssonCattery:Homepage
Location:north part of sweden/Boden
Message:very beautiful website and CATS!!!!
Jul 11, 2005 14:37:12
Name: Kristin BolmeCattery:
Message:Hello! For the second time I have been visiting your website, and I have totally fallen in love with your silver and golden siberians. I`ve just become the lucky owner of a bluetortie smoke siberian girl myself. She will be shown for the first time in August, and I have great wishes for her.
Best wishes for the breeding, and the future plans.
Jul 03, 2005 19:17:36
Name: Cathrine KristiansenCattery:(N)Cirkumpolare
Message:Beautyful cats and homepage. Wishing you god luck in the future with your breeding of this wonderful cats. In Norway we have very good Siberians but only 29 cats at the moment. We are working with the genpool, and Norway do not breed the Neva Masquerade. Have a very nice day and a big hug from us in Norway!!!
Jun 26, 2005 01:00:00
Name: Liv Eva BarbalaCattery:Homepage
Message:Your cats are fantastic. I love their looks. Good luck in the future.
May 09, 2005 01:10:00
Name: SueCattery:as yet to be named
Message:The kittens are fantastic! I feel very fortunate to get one! It's so hard to wait until he is big enough to ship!!
Give Imbir lots of hugs, pets, & kisses from Iowa until we can do it ourselves.
Excitedly Waiting,
Apr 22, 2005 07:29:14
Name: TatjanaCattery:Ritmo de Alisa
Location:Latvia, Europe
Wow, i have not words, Great, beauty cats, photo.
All the Best!
Cattery of Persians and Exotics
Ritmo de Alisa
Apr 16, 2005 03:38:39
Name: SueCattery://
Message:Can't wait to see your kittens!You have the most beautiful cats!
Apr 03, 2005 10:39:56
Name: Katarina PörnCattery:Piperitan
Location:Finland, Turku
Message:You have a very nice homepage and lovely pictures of your cats! I hope you have good luck with your breeding in the future!
Mar 19, 2005 21:31:24
Name: NikkiCattery:Cherished Images Art
Message:I proudly own a gorgeous seal lynx point and white Siberian female, 16 months old, and am seeking a show-quality stud for her. I purchased her last February from Judy Chappetta, a T.I.C.A. judge. I am also seeking another female. Quality of breeding, appearance and personality are of utmost importance to me. I will offer a 50% discount on a pet portrait to anyone who can help me locate the Siberian cats I am seeking for purchase.
My website is still under construction. Please be patient...
Mar 19, 2005 21:28:24
Name: MichaelCattery:Go Pets America
Location:Atlanta, Georgia USA
Message:I absolutely love your Siberian cats. They look like the Maine Coon cats here in the United States. And they seem to share the same disposition. Perhaps they are related :-).
When you're not too busy, please visit my website at: http://www.gopetsam
I would love for you to place a free ad for your beautiful Siberian cats.
Best Regards and Wishing for World Peace,
Mar 19, 2005 21:24:17
Name: Elena DoorCattery:
Message:Zdravstvuite Tamara,
U vas zamechatel'nie zverushki i prekracnaiy website! Mne ochen' ponravilsya silver-taby okras u vashih zivotnih. Voobscheto ya podumivau priveszti v US parochku Sibirskih dlya razvedeniya.
Soobschite kogda u vas budet a new litter with available kittens of that color.
Best regards, Elena.
Mar 19, 2005 21:22:01
Name: ValeriaCattery:Neva's Legend
! .
Mar 19, 2005 21:19:38
Name: NadiaCattery:Yamal
Message:Privet Tamara,
I'm looking forward to se new litters photos, your kittens are so beautifull!!!! And beauty is not all Taurus siberians are incredibly tender and affectionate!
A big hug from Nadia & Paolo and lots of purrs from Dobrynjia.
Mar 19, 2005 21:12:56
Name: Heather HaleCattery:Jorrah
Location:Alberta, Canada
Message:Congratulations on your new litter, Tamara. I can't wait until the pictures are posted!
Best wishes to you and all your family in the future.
Love & Hugs from Jorrah,
Mar 19, 2005 21:10:38
Name: Adrienn Lukacs & Orsolya KinczelCattery:Raszputyin
Message:Dear Tamara!
Good to be the first in your new Guestbook! Congratulations to your new kittens, I'm very curious of the photos!
Wish you all the best, Adrienn and Orsolya and the cats Goloubushka and Gehra!!!
Mar 19, 2005 21:08:21
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